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Golden Cube Chandelier



Rs. 51,200.00
Rs. 51,200.00

Reform your interior design with a Golden Cube Chandelier.

 The contemporary design of this chandelier reforms the conventional way of illuminating. The geometric-shaped style brings a feeling of structure and balance that everyone is thriving to achieve in their homes. The luxurious golden finish, along with the soft LED lights comes to contrast the harsh edges, creating an extravagant fusion of designs.


Product Specification:


LIGHT SOURCE:                           LED

COLOUR OF LED:                         Warm White

WATTAGE:                                    120W

MATERIAL:                                   Stainless Steel

BULBS INCLUDED:                       Yes

BODY COLOUR:                            Gold 

SIZE:                                              Width 24'' Inch

                                                      Minimum Height 34'' Inch

                                                      Maximum Height 78'' Inch

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