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Leather Belt Pendant Lamp


Pendant Lamp

Rs. 8,500.00
Rs. 8,500.00

Exquisite hanging light for a holistic decor setting.

Leather elements are an indication of quality and appreciation for elegance; hence our incredibly talented designers beautifully transposed these features on to this unique pendant light. The fixture can serve as an elegant decor piece on its own or beautifully play together other leather detailing in your existing setting.


Product Specification:

LIGHT SOURCE:                           BULB(G9 HOLDER)

BULBS INCLUDED:                       No

NO. OF BULBS:                             1

RECOMMENDED BULB:               G9 LED Bulb

MATERIAL:                                   Metal, Glass & Leather

COLOUR:                                      Gold with White Frosted Glass

SIZE :                                             Width 9" Inch

                                                      Minimum Height 24" Inch

                                                      Maximum Height 60" Inch

Once an Order is Received, we will ship the product within 3 Working days and delivery will be in 5 to 7 working days.

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