Jhoomar and Modern Chandelier: Identifying the Perfect Fixture

Jhoomar & Chandelier Ideas

Jhoomar chandelier or a modern chandelier style? Identifying the perfect chandelier for your living area involves a tough decision-making process that involves not only aesthetic but also functionality and competitive chandelier pricing.

 Since these light fixtures will be the mainstay of every living room, it is important to invest in pieces that would give the best value to your money while standing out as the center-piece of your personal kingdom.



Thus, in order to arrive at the most practical and attention-worthy purchase of your home, it is imperative that you do your research before setting your sights on the jhoomar that will dazzle your home.


From Candleholders to driftwood: History of Modern Chandeliers

If you are a fellow homeowner looking to redecorate or add some much needed visual pizzazz to your living quarters , then you need to understand the values a chandelier can offer you. To avoid feeling overwhelmed and feeling confused when choosing modern chandeliers, it is important to understand how these light fixtures evolved to be the dazzling statement pieces they are now.

Basically, chandeliers are hanging light fixtures suspended from ceilings by metallic rods, chains or other suspension wiring. These are often multi-layered and are comprised by more than just one light source. Some jhoomar chandeliers have branched intricately detailed structure while other modern chandeliers simply have a durable frame where light sources can hang from.


Classical chandeliers, or most commonly referred to as jhoomar nowadays, have been a common household staple since the 15th century. Originating from the french word “chandelle”, which means candle, modern chandeliers take its roots in the French Renaissance movement. During this period, art, design and luxurious elegant pieces and fixtures were all the rage. Modern chandeliers evolved from intricate “candelabra” or candle-holders that were used to light castles and humble houses during the era.

 Chandelier pricing were non-existent during the period as both royals and common people invested in jhoomar or classical chandeliers whether in crystal or glass forms. The rich could afford expensive metal and fancy jewels to adorn their candle lights with, while the common people innovatively used glass, mirrors and other more affordable reflective materials to decorate theirs with. Since precious metals are not an option for them, the common folk would often construct their chandeliers from driftwoods and wooden beams adding a touch of rustic cozy vibe to it.

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 This is where contemporary and modern chandeliers take inspiration from. With uncommon, affordable and intriguing choice of materials, they brought the luxury of hanging candle lights to the common households thereby cementing the role of chandeliers as both an essential source of light and a powerful decorative element in interior design.


What exactly are Jhoomar chandeliers?

Jhoomar or Jhumar chandeliers originated from the word “jhum” which means to sway. This is because the decorative crystal pendants that adorn ornate jhoomar chandeliers hang freely and seem to sway at the slightest movement of breeze.

Jhoomar is also called as such as it falls under the hanging chandelier category and is often suspended in mid-air by a strong, slender metallic rod that supports the structure and connects it to the mounting installed in the ceiling.

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Jhoomar closely resembles classical medieval chandeliers, which are grand, luxurious and multi-layered light fixtures often displayed in grand ball rooms and church halls. Unlike modern chandeliers, Jhoomar lights are often supported by branched, fountain-like durable metallic frames.

Jhoomar lights that fall within the expensive chandelier pricing scale are mostly made from high-quality metalwork such as gold, silver, platinum, or brass. Less expensive variety, on the other hand, are constructed using iron, steel, copper, or aluminum. The ornate detailing of Jhoomars are usually adorned by precious crystals, frosted glass or polished jewels.


How does a jhoomar boost the aesthetic of the living room?

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If you are intimidated with the idea of looking for the best modern chandelier to display in a common area of your home such as the living room, then perhaps you might want to consider the following ideas on how jhoomars enhance the visual aesthetic of the living room:

1.Jhoomars add a flare of dramatic lighting:

Because of its signature soft warm white glow, jhoomars set the mood in a living area by providing ambient lighting, adding a flair of drama and emotion to an otherwise bland and empty living space. 

2.Jhoomars draws the eye away from unwanted clutter:

Granted that the living room is the most multifunctional space in the house, it also tends to be the messiest because of how frequently it is used throughout the day. With that, one can never avoid unwanted clutter laying around the room. Jhoomars offer themselves up as a distraction for the prying eyes of your guest as its elegance and magnificence tend to draw their eye and keep their attention.

3Jhoomars create a statement and is a point for conversation:

Both jhoomar and modern chandeliers alike are often referred to as the ultimate statement piece among lighting fixtures. Due their complex designs, herculean size and social influence, they often stand-out and lends and air of sophistication to your living room. Since they are the  “elephants in a room”, they are often the target of idle conversations such as praising their unique designs or enquiry about chandelier pricing when you and your guests run out of things to talk about.


What are the different kinds of chandelier?


1.Flush Mount Chandelier

 Flush mounts are modern chandeliers which are directly mounted in the ceiling. Unlike jhoomars, these light fixtures are not suspended mid-air but are rather secured tightly in the ceiling. Although decorative elements like pendants may hang freely, the lighting mechanism itself is installed flushed inside the ceiling.

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Flushed mount chandeliers are perfect for rooms with recessed ceilings or tray ceilings as they add depth and drama to the already textured ceiling. These are considered as a type of modern chandelier as the invention of electric lights made it possible and safe for lights to be attached so close to the ceiling without the threat of fire.

2.Semi-Flushed Chandelier

 A cross-breed between flushed mount and hanging chandeliers, semi-flushed chandeliers are not as strictly exclusively secured within ceilings. Another type of modern chandelier, semi-flushed mount chandeliers allows for a small gap between the ceiling and the light source giving a dangling light effect.

Unlike jhoomars which are free-hanging, semi-flushed chandeliers are contained by the small gap separating it from the ceiling. Semi-flushed chandeliers are significantly shorter compared to both flushed and hanging chandeliers. This is to ensure that the small length of cord attaching it to the ceiling can support its weight perfectly.

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 3.Hanging Chandelier

 Hanging chandeliers are the most common and oldest kind of chandeliers. Jhoomars and most classically-inspired chandeliers fall within this category. Hanging jhoomars are often suspended mid-air either by strappy leathers, buckled chains or sturdy steel rods to secure and keep them in place.

In the olden times, jhoomar chandeliers are hanged as low as possible to separate them from the often wooden ceilings. Since light fixtures then use actual fire, this is a safety precaution to avoid house fires.

However, with the invention of modern chandeliers and electric lighting, hanging chandeliers are used more commonly for aesthetic purposes than fire safety. The lower a chandelier hangs, the more likely it is to catch the attention of guests and onlookers making this a statement piece worthy of its pricing.

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 4.Upright Chandelier

Upright chandeliers are a variety of chandeliers that focuses on the direction of light source rather than its mounting. Taking inspiration from traditional jhoomars, upright chandeliers point their light upward towards the ceiling just how a candle would shed the light of its flame upwards.

However, as modern chandeliers phased out the use of flame and turned towards electric bulbs, upright chandeliers evolved as well. Maintaining their branched design, most of the LED light bulbs are often placed on the top of the light fixture so as not to be obscured by its intricate branches.

Since light is reflected upwards, it is best to pair upright jhoomars with lighter colored ceiling such as bright white, soft beige or creamy pastels so that light will be refracted and cover the room. Darker colored walls tend to absorb light, which would not provide much illumination in the room.

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 5.Downlight Chandelier

 In complete juxtaposition of upright chandeliers, downlight jhoomars are structured like cascading tiers of crystal fountains. Modern chandeliers made it possible for light to be directly shed downwards since there is no more need for primitive light source such as candles and flames.

These chandeliers are perfect for busy and frequently visited spaces as it provides ample task-lighting to keep you focused on tasks or visiting guest. Since bright harsh light are emitted from the jhoomars, these fixtures are best positioned above smooth, polished and reflective coffee tables to mitigate the glare and distribute bright light throughout the room.

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6.Modern Chandeliers 

When gas and flame were rendered as obsolete light sources, jhoomars evolved to cater advanced form of light bulbs such as LEDs, Fluorescent and Edison filaments. Hence, modern chandeliers were born.

Since they are no longer constrained to holding the form of a candle-holder, modern chandeliers come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some geometric and angular, while others are abstract. Of course, the intricacy of the design depends upon chandelier pricing. The more expensive the piece, the more eccentric and mind-boggling the design becomes.

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 7.Classical Chandeliers or Jhoomar

Basically, jhoomars take inspiration from the classic and traditional chandeliers during the medieval times. Often grand and ornamental, jhoomars tend to keep to the tiered structured of chandeliers.

Chandelier pricing policy dictates the multilevel and multi-layered crystal chandeliers are often more expensive than simple “candelabra”-inspired pieces. Due to its opulence and luxury, jhoomars are often the center of attraction in any room, position front and center, reveling in the attention that it so efficiently commands.


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How to Select that Perfect Modern Chandelier or The Jhoomar

If you are in the market for a jhoomar yourself, or are planning on investing in a modern chandelier, then you might want to consider the following criterias to get a better deal before finalizing that purchase:

1.Room Size

Nobody looks good in ill-fitting clothes and the same applies to modern chandeliers. So, before you set your heart on that gorgeous jhoomar you’ve been eyeing, you might want to check if you have ample room to cater to it.

If you have a spacious living room, grand, cascading chandeliers would complement the huge space and create an opulent ambience. If you have the room for it, a huge living room may have enough space for two to three complementing modern chandeliers.

However, if you have a small living room, don’t try to overcompensate for it by stuffing a huge jhoomar in it. Not only would it look cramped and out of place, but the illumination would be too much for the room resulting in glare and an uncomfortably overly bright living space.

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2.Ceiling Height 

Since jhoomars are hanging light fixtures, you might want to consider if there is enough head space for your chandelier to actually “hang”. Considering the ceiling height also let’s you choose how long your modern chandelier should be or how low you should hang it.

Typically, if you have rooms with high ceilings, hanging jhoomar tend to draw one’s eye and make the ceiling seem lower than it actually is. Just make sure to hang your jhoomars in an appropriate height where your head wouldn’t casually bump into it as you walk around.

For Example: If your ceiling height is somewhere between 10-11feet which is an average ceiling be it an apartment or a Villa, you will need not more than a 3 feet long chandelier so that it doesn’t come on the way of people in the house.

Ideally, you want modern chandeliers to be a few feet above your natural line of sight so that it wouldn’t produce glare or block your view of the room.


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Yes, jhoomars are designed in such a way to command attention and draw the eye but it doesn’t mean that it should stand out apart from your other interior design decors.

The beauty about having modern chandeliers nowadays is that it can be made from materials that complement other elements in the room. If you have polished silver decor or chrome mirrors, you can easily go for silver jhoomar to align with the decor smoothly and avoid clashing styles.


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Benefits of Buying Jhoomar Online

As a customer when we go around tirelessly zooming in and out of stores in search of the perfect chandelier/jhoomar for our living space and we cant find the right one we just get disappointed and return being demotivated.

So we at Light and Living have made your life simpler by just browsing through our wide range of lights. You can browse effortlessly through a number of modern chandelier collections and compare chandelier pricing with a swipe of a finger.

Upon deciding on an elegant piece of modern chandelier, you can click add to cart and within a few day, the jhoomar of your dreams will be delivered to you right at your doorstep hassle-free!

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 You don’t have to go through all the trouble that you had to endure to find your perfect jhoomar.

Buying modern chandelier online is easier, faster, and provides you with a variety of options and helpful tips to compare competitive chandelier pricing.

Not only would you be able to visualize each piece within the comforts of your own home, but you can also compute how bright you want your light to be with a built-in Lumen Calculator feature that we have in our website.

Buying lights online also gives you the freedom to take your time in making up your mind whether to purchase a classic jhoomar or take the risk with a more eccentric modern chandelier. Limitless digital space gives you access to a huge chandelier collection that would otherwise be too extensive to fit within a physical warehouse.

Lastly, with our delivery policy, you can browse, check chandelier pricing, pay and receive your jhoomar in your doorstep without ever having to step outside the comforts of your own home! Buying jhoomar has never been more convenient.


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Hence, if you are looking to revamping your living room with a modern chandelier, or simply browsing for the perfect jhoomar for your dream house, look to no other than Lights and Living to provide you with the best quality chandelier for a competitive price!

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