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Buy Chandeliers, Wall Lights, Ceiling Lights and other lighting fixtures at Light and Living

With an array of unique designs and a huge collection of both interior and outdoor lights, Light and Living provides you with a wide selection of decorative lights to choose from. Whether you are looking for a grand and intricate chandelier, or you are simply browsing for simple and classic pendant lights, you can bet that we have it all.

 We offer fabulous statement indoor pieces that will easily match the interior designs of your home. Our ceiling lights can perfectly illuminate any room, turning the darkest and dimly-lit corners into bright spaces of relaxation. Looking for something to hang-up in your dining room? Set the ambience with our romantic-style chandelier, or kick it back with our chic street-style pendant lights. If you feel like your walls are bare and boring, liven it up with our fancy wall lights. We have various pieces of both indoor and outdoor wall lights. If you want to go all out, hang some artworks or photos and feature them with customized LED lights or easy-installation picture lights.

 Aside from decorative lights, we also offer task lighting variations. You may not immediately think about it but bathroom lights and mirror lights are just as important as your ceiling lights in providing illumination in the bathroom. Recessed false ceiling lights are also often overlooked light fixtures but are critical component of every kitchen as it provides focused-lighting especially during meal preparations.

Skip the Hassle: Buy Lights Online and Enjoy Shopping within the Comforts of your Home

Technological advancement has truly made our lives much easier. Gone are the days when you have to go out of your way to purchase products and services. Today, you have the option to browse web shops and buy online. If you are still hesitant about purchasing lights online, you might want to consider the benefits and convenience that online shopping has to offer.

 Unlike the area constraints of physical stores, web shops have vast and limitless virtual space where we can display our lights online This gives you unlimited access to our entire selection of grand chandelier fixtures, Herculean ceiling lights, and monumental outdoor lights like post-like bollards, lanterns and wall lights. With everything within reach at the tip of your fingertips, shopping for lights online has never been this comfortable and convenient!

 Boasting competitive prices, you can also ensure that your home will shine brightly with our budget-friendly designs that a practical homemaker like yourself won’t miss out on. We have the most reasonably-priced LED lights you can find in all of India and our store in Bangalore. However, you can ensure that despite our low prices, we maintain the best quality materials and innovative designs in all of our lights online.

 Since you don’t have to personally appear in a store to buy online, you get the additional benefit of saving yourself from enduring crazy traffic jams. You can also visit the store as many times as you want without ever having to leave home as you can swipe around our product offerings while relaxing in your room. If you are still making up your mind about a purchase, you can take your time carefully analyzing its designs and function as there is no rush when you buy lights online.

 With the added bonus of free delivery, purchasing lights online works just like magic. You simply browse and with a few clicks, your product will be instantly delivered to your doorstep, hassle-free. So, the next time you are looking to brighten up any room with fabulous designs, don’t hesitate to visit us and buy online with Light and Living.

 Not only do we offer a variety of lights online to choose from, but also we make sure that you get the best deals by providing budget-friendly prices. Rest assured that despite our low-prices, we offer high-quality LED lights in all of India. However, many are still hesitant to purchase lights online despite the competitive prices. Here in Light and Living we devote time and effort in ensuring that you not only get the best deals, but also the best quality of our products when you buy online.

How-to Select Perfect Lights Online for Specific Rooms and Designs

Aside from style and visual aesthetic of decorative lights, you should also consider the form and function of lighting fixtures with regards to how you intend to use the room they will be installed in. For example, when selecting wall lights for inside the home, you may want to invest in pieces that influences the ambiance of the room. Since ceiling lights will have already pooled the space with bright warm light, you’ll want your walls to emit soft, ambient lighting to counter the glare.

 Balance is also a key element in blending your lighting fixtures with over-all design scheme of the room. If you have already mounted decorative lighting all over your walls, then brandishing a lavish chandelier might be too much. Instead opt for simpler lights to even out the atmosphere in the room.

 Size and access to light is also an essential factor when deciding which kinds of lights to buy online. Windowless spaces with limited sun exposure tend to need a combination of fixtures compared to a room with access to natural light. Imagine hanging a single chandelier in a huge dark living room. It wouldn’t provide as much illumination as a set of pendant lights scattered throughout the living room. Nor would other lamps dare to compare against bathroom lights when producing focus-lights to see your self clearly in the mirror.

 When it comes to highlighting, accent lighting fixtures such as chandelier and picture lights work best when used indoors as its small bulbs and subtle warm glow bounces off the walls in a sultry way. On the other hand, spot lights and spike lights are your go-to fixtures for outdoor lights. Since there are no walls to bounce lights off of, you need the brightness and power of these lighting fixtures to shed light on your plants and pathways. 

 With our enormous collection, our company provides the best decorative lights selection in India and in our lights store in Bangalore. Buy online now and brighten any room in your home with our bright lights, unique designs and affordable prices! Shop now at Light and Living!


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