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Black RoseGold LED Cylinder Light


LED Ceiling Light

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Rs. 1,825.00
Rs. 1,825.00

Black Rosegold LED Cylinder Light for minimal interiors

The Black RoseGold LED Cylinder Light is a tubular fixture designed to project focused light downwards. Use it to read or to highlight a sculptural masterpiece. Available from 12 to 30 Watts, its illumination potential allows it to be used both indoors and outdoors. While minimalistic in form, its sleek black design boldly adds visual interest to any room.


Light Source:   LED
Colour of LED: 

Warm White  3000K

Natural White 4000K

Cool White 6000K-6500K

Wattage : 

12 Watts

20 Watts

30 Watts


12 Watts - 1250 Lumens

20 Watts - 2100 Lumens

30 Watts - 3150 Lumens

Size :

12 Watts - Dia 3'' X Height 4.5''

20 Watts - Dia 4'' X Height 5''

30 Watts - Dia 4.5'' X Height 5.2''

Size in Inches

Material : Metal
Body Colour : Black Body & Rose Gold Inside

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