Cone LED Cylinder Light

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Cone LED Cylinder Light

Just because a light fixture brightens up a room doesn’t mean that it should be the center of attention. This simple cylindrical surface light will not scream for attention in a room, giving you enough space to highlight ornate decorations or luxurious furniture without having to worry about clashing colors or designs.

Light Source:   LED
Colour of LED: 

Warm White  3000K

Natural White 4000K

Wattage : 

3 Watts

8 Watts

12 Watts


3 Watts - 240 Lumens

8 Watts - 640 Lumens

12 Watts - 960 Lumens

Size :

3 Watts - Dia 1.8'' X Height 2.2''

8 Watts - Dia 2.2'' X Height 2.4''

12 Watts - Dia 2.7'' X Height 2.6''

Size in Inches

Material : Metal
Body Colour : Outer White &  Inner Black


  • This product comes with a 12 months warranty against manufacturing defects.
  • Any physical damage to Glass, Metal or any other part,if used, is not covered under warranty.
  • Normal product wear and tear due to age is not covered under warranty.



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