Deep Recessed Square LED Panel Light

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Deep Recessed Square LED Panel Light  8 / 15 / 22 Watts 

The Deep Recessed Square LED Panel Light fixtures have clean lines with angular edges, adding to your room’s modern feel. The deep reflector recessed in a square light frame emanates beautiful light and is perfect for the all the areas of your home. Sitting fitted into the ceiling, this fixture exudes an understated-modern charm.


Light Source:   LED
Colour of LED: 

Warm White  3000K

Natural White 4000K

Cool White 6000K - 6500K

Wattage : 

 8 Watts

15 Watts

22 Watts


8 Watts - 760 Lumens

15 Watts - 1425 Lumens

22 Watts - 2090 Lumens


8 Watts -L 4.8'' X W 4.8'' X Height 1.8''

15 Watts -L 6.5'' X W 6.5'' X Height 1.8''

22 Watts- L 7.4'' X W 7.4'' X Height 0.8'

Cutout size

8 Watts - 4'' X 4''

15 Watts - 6'' X 6''

22 Watts - 7'' X 7''

Beam Angle 90 Degree
Material : Metal
Body Colour : White


We have designed a tool "The Illumination Meter" specially for you to make your life much easier.This meter will help you gauge the Lumens / Wattage you will require to light up your space. To use the tool, please follow the instructions below:

1. Select your room type. (Ex: Bedroom, Living , Dining , Kitchen etc.)

2.Enter the size of your space.

3.Select the brightness required (Low/Medium/High)

4.Select your Wall Colour ( Light/Dark)

5.Light Placement : Select whether the electrical point for the light is going to be in the center of the space or the corners.

Once you have filled all the above criteria, the tool will give you the Wattage / Lumens of light needed for your space. Let me sight an example to explain it further: Suppose for a bedroom of 12*12*10 feet where the intensity of light chosen is medium you will need 2400 Lumens or 18 Watts of light. Say the light chosen by you is 600 Lumens each, so you will need 4 of those lights to lighten up your space.


Illumination Meter

Feet Inches Meters Low Medium High Light Dark Center Corners
  • This product comes with a 12 months warranty against manufacturing defects.
  • Any physical damage to Glass, Metal or any other part,if used, is not covered under warranty.
  • Normal product wear and tear due to age is not covered under warranty.



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